A blessing worth a gazillion blessings..

Alhamdulillah today marks the third day of the presence of Baby Ahmed. I had undergone an elective Carsarean section on the 10th of February and had given birth to this wonderful bundle of joy. 

I had always loved babies. And confinement was always an enjoyable experience as it gave me the time to enjoy my minutes and hours with the little heroes. 

This time round, Abdurrahman is the one getting a new experience of becoming a big brother. Personally, he is a great toddler, not fussy, no tantrums,  Always happy and loves to make othera happy. He had been waiting for Baby Ahmed for quite sometime. Yesterday when we got back with Baby Ahmed, he asked “Ummi, did you take the baby from the hospital?”. Heh. He can’t really imagine the baby coming out from my belly, I think. Alhamdulillah he took the presence of Baby Ahmed very well. He started off with a kiss, and strokes on Ahmed’s cheeks.. And when Ahmed started to cry, he immediately rushed to sing him some islamic lullabies.

Still, as a parent, and especially a mother, I have to always anticipate what his exact feelings are. I have to put myself into his shoes to be able to feel what he feels. Although he is showing his caring side and his love towards his little brother, he might still have some elements of insecurity, the feeling that the baby is taking away a special someone in his life. The feeling that he is now being left alone. Furthermore, I have decided to stop nursing him, as soon as Baby Ahmed arrives, as what had taken place between me and Ezzat 2 years ago. I could continue with tandem feeding if I wanted, however I prefer not to. Tandem feeding will definitely make it harder to stop him from nursing by the age of three. 

The baby only wants milk for the time being while his two brothers are in need of more attention. I will have to spend my free time with them to ensure that they dont feel the baby is taking away my time from them. At the same time, reemphasize on the baby’s needs and dependancy as he is just a new born. 

 Praise be to Allah for the gift worth a gazillion gifts. Alhamdulillah.



About ummu3ezzat

Degree in Medicine from Ain Shams University in Cairo. In love with Salman Al-Farisi Selamat and 'Ezzat bin Salman~
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