My Last Post

Au contraire to the title, this is not my last post. Rather, I was reflecting on the last time I posted on this blog which was more than a year ago.

Today, i suddenly remembered that I HAD a blog. I visited this blog of mine and read through all the post I have posted.. MasyaAllah.. My writings had actually reminded me of myself and what I went through the past few years…

Today, I wish to continue writing. My life is no open secret. But I myself benefit from what I wrote, and, having a blog (which not so many people visit) might just benefit others. As the saying goes, a smart man learns from his mistakes, but a smarter man learns from other people’s mistakes. Hopefully my sharing can help those smarter people avoid the same mistakes I had made in life..

SubhanaAllah.. I will start writing again. Biiznillah.

Fatimah, The Writer.


About ummu3ezzat

Degree in Medicine from Ain Shams University in Cairo. In love with Salman Al-Farisi Selamat and 'Ezzat bin Salman~
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