Developers, high-end bungalows and homeless rakyats..

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. It is very disturbing reading headlines like this one (see below). Just about a month ago a story on the highlands of Cameron being cleared up also stirred my mind. It made me somewhat nauseated and giddy thinking of the capitalist developers only thinking of profit.

Houses are supposed to be build to ensure that people have roofs over their heads. And good roofs too, one which comes with adequate rooms, good sizes, enough and comfortable to room in a family of 6 to seven at least. The basic criterias should be a bedroom for the parents, one for the girls and one for the boys and an extra room if a guest should comeover for a stay.

Today we can see more and more houses being built, which are becoming less and less affordable for the average rakyat.. Hrmm, so to whom are these houses sold?? You could see more and more developers eg Sime Darby are interested to build houses, not to home people, but mainly to sell off luxurious condos and mansions to the upper class who had already owned mansions for them to visit once in a while, as a getaway..

Tsk tsk.. Affordable terrace houses are made very well below the standard specifications and prices very well beyond their real values.

Forests are cleared up just to make a few resort mansions like what we can see in Kayangan Heights. These houses don’t even serve the purpose of being a house.. They are far from shops, no security, there’s no population demand for them.. I guess environmentalists should go after these developers rather than the nomads whom they claim are so-called clearing up the amazon..
The world is as topsy and as turvy as it can be.. May Allah preserve us on His path and together we will gain strength to fight the corrupted system we are living in now..

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