Ambition and being ambitious

It is not good not to be ambitious and not having an ambition. “Tumuhh” they call it in arabic. A muslim naturally is a very ambitious creation. Why not when he dreams of Allah’s paradise and it is not easy to achieve, not like any other things in this world.

However, being ambitious today has a certain definition in the eyes of people, and more often than not their definition is much related to tbe material aspect of it.

I would like to become really ambitious, to have goals in life i would like to see fulfilled, in accordance to what Allah asks of me.. But reflecting in my current self.. They seem so out of reach. Maybe i should list them down, just to remind myself over and over again in case i forgot what are my ambitions in life which i really really what to realize..
Biiznillah hopefully Allah gives me the strength to do this..

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About ummu3ezzat

Degree in Medicine from Ain Shams University in Cairo. In love with Salman Al-Farisi Selamat and 'Ezzat bin Salman~
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