Perfect Raya Cookie Recipes

Here are some recipes of my favourite cookies made by non other than mommy. The instructions are generally the same, cream butter and sugar until well combined, then add the eggs, then add in flour mixture, then add in the nuts or chocolate chip or cherries as you like. 

Cornflake cookies

Castor sugar 1 cup

Butter 250

Self raising flour 1 1/4 cup

Tepung biasa 1 1/4 cup

1 small egg

1/2 teaspoon baking soda
Chocolate chip cookies

Castor sugar 3/4 cup

Brown sugar 3/4 cup

Butter 250

Self raising flour 1 1/4 cup

Tepung biasa 1 1/4 cup

1 small egg

1/2 teaspoon baking soda max 3/4 teaspoon 

Ground almond

1-2 cups choc chip  
Mexican mocha balls

Butter 250

Castor sugar 1/2 cup

Vanilla 1 teaspoon

All purpose flour 2 cups

Cocoa powder 1/4 cup

Instant coffee 1 teaspoon

Finely chopped ground almond/walnuts 1 cup

Maraschino cherries 1 cup chopped


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Hopefully at the end if the story, I am not angry anymore. 

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Clinical 2

We passed our clinical exams, alhamdulillah. And off we go for our rotations.. Alhamdulillah I still have Sham with me.. Sadly though for us Tham has to go through her clinical exams another round. Hizam is a different story, wife is expecting so he needs to not be on call and able to run back at any point of time the bell rings!! So he chose IJN. 

Before I tell you the drama which involved our rotations, I would like to just enlighten you on the clinical exams. 

First of all, be prepared. Come to think about it a once per week clinical session is actually a wise thing to have. My tip is for you to go through any video on You Tube on clinical examinations, one at a time, and practice as per video. Get an instructor, one of your friendly specialists to help you out, and always always always time yoursef. Give yourself the 6-7 minutes you will get in the real exam, and an extra 3 for discussion purposes. Practice presentation, which is a plus point during clinical exams. 

Personally, if i was to give marks to myself, i would say that i had had failed all stations except for one which I was quite confident of, respiratory. However when the results were out, alhamdulillah I passed. Looking back, i think my only strong point which managed to pass me was that i finished the examination routine for each and every station within 7 minutes and then presented. Finishing the examination has a heavy weight in the overall clinical exams. If you manage to finish, you will manage to get your findings although you might not be able to wrap them up in a nice package, ie good presentation. Examination routine gives you marks, clinical findings another, then comes in the discussions etc. so however badly you have done in the exams, just finish the examination routine and propose your findings. Usually if you have seen quite a number of cases, you will be able to illicit the findings. 

Books. Ryder for MRCP PACES is a great book to begin with. Most of our specialists recommends Ryder. Although very concise, once you go through Ryder’s a few times you will understand why they recommend it. It sums up each case in a concise, straight to the point and non-lengthy explanation. Other recommended books will be the Oxford for PACES as well and a few others by our local authors. It is good to buy one which you deem fit for you and use it throughout rather than change from one to another. Or you could be like me, buy all and end up in a big mess. Heheh. 

I was from Klinik Kesihatan, where i had little clinical practice. I used to be in the NCD unit, where we checked patients with hypertension, diabetes, IHD etc. and no, you don’t palpate the apex or percuss the chest or measure the spleens of these people. They are stable, they come to see and talk to you, and get their medications and go back. Then I went to maternal and child healthcare, so my best clinical skills were palpation of the fundi and estimation of the gestational week! The reason I am telling you this is because I want to convey that I started from almost zero. The only thing which got me going was my intense love towards internal med and some of the knowledge which was still remaining at the back of my mind. 

So do not fear, you will definitely be able to go through your master programme, provided you work hard for it. 

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The uneasy feeling you get when you have to answer to complaints, answer to uour superiors etc cant be described by words. I wouldny want to imagine just how bad it would feel to answer Allah SWT During resurrection.. 

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Ramdhan is coming, my targets: 

Khatam al-quran before 30th Ramadhan

Khatam juzuk amma for abang ezzat

Never miss terawih. Never miss masjid if not oncall. 

Ulang hafazan juzuk 3.

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Happy Mother’s Day to my mommy, the one who gave birth to me, took great care of me, always praying for the best for me, always supporting me in whatever I do, who made me who I am today, trained me to be a confident speaker, taught me to always reach for the stars, instilled the best values, honesty and virtue. 
My mommy, cooked for me until this very day. She used to wake up at four to cook up a storm, she still does that if I leave for my calls from her home at 6am in the morning. She makes sure I take my breakfast, and reminds me of my daily juice. 
My mommy, she never once put me down, never once said no to whatever I need, told me to learn Quran and Arabic when I was about to go to Egypt for my studies. 
I love you mom and I wish to become just like you. Please pray for me and forgive me for my wrongdoings!

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Many times you hear about a death of someone you don’t know. You say your condolences. And life goes on. Rarily, the death of a person you don’t know really struck you and caused tears to your eyes you cannot hold back. This person although you don’t know her must be a really good person, omly Allah knows. She was never present in your life but she left with a deep mark in your heart. Dear ukhti Huda, may Allah bless you, may you be among the shuhadak, solihin and nabiyyin.. wa Hasuna ulaaaika rofiqon…. 

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